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About Par3 LLC

par3 llc | What We Do
The Capstone classic
Par3 LLC was formed by three Howard University alumni and golf fanatics, our events serves as a place to network, compete, and fundraise for a cause that benefits minority and underserved communities.

The Capstone Classic serves as a vehicle to bring together a dynamic and well-connected cohort of individuals with a passion for the game of golf and the desire to make an impact in their community.

Par3 LLC has chosen to partner with CitySwing because our missions align in the following ways:

  • Support the growth of the game, especially within minority and underserved communities.
  • Make the Game Fun and increase levels of accessibility to this wonderful sport.
  • To assist charitable groups within the Washington-DC area (DMV) focused on uplifting minority and underserved communities.
Capstone Classic Golf Tournament